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The terms of this Privacy Policy, where Tan Bubble collects and uses any information provided by you (the user) with any Tan Bubblegame or application (hereinafter referred to as “Service”). This Privacy Policy applies to all services provided by Bubble Shooter. By using our services, users agree to collect and use your personal information in this Privacy Policy. Tan Bubble can modify the privacy policy from time to time; therefore, we encourage users to frequently consult the privacy policy.
Personal identity information
When you install our games and apps, we will collect and record information to improve the experience and benefit of using our services. We will collect the personal information of the user’s public, only when they voluntarily through our services to make such information to us. Users may refuse to provide personal information at any time. In these cases, the user should avoid using social networking features such as sharing and friend invitation requests.
Non-personally identifiable information
We may collect information about the user’s non-personally identifiable information when they are concerned about our services. The information includes but is not limited to: device type, brand and model, Android operating system version, unique device identifier, location, and country.
Personal information
Collecting personal information that may vary according to our services may include: the basic personal data of the social network (the application requires the user’s Facebook account’s basic connection request to represent the user or read the other users’ timeline or their (To fill the photo stream, the user must grant the application of two “read permissions”, so that the application reads the user’s photos and their friends’ photos), asking for permission to publish (the user must Grant the app “publish permission” to share the photo).
Through social networking services or mobile devices
Through the social network or mobile device to access the service, the user authorizes the Tan Bubble to collect, store and follow any and all of the information in this privacy policy, please use the social network they agree to, the mobile device platform can provide through the Tan Bubble social network /Mobile devices. Their agreement occurs when they are connected through third-party networks, platforms and services of these services, and / or when you provide services to connect, or “accept” or “determine” (or similar words) services, by visiting your Information social network or mobile device or other third party platform or service. Tan Bubblemay also collect or receive information about services such as those who choose to upload their own email contacts and other services. This information will be stored by the Tan Bubbleand will be used primarily to help users and their friends.
Information use
Tan Bubble collects and uses user personal information for the following purposes:
The information provided by the user to help us with the support needs, and the customer response service request is more efficient.
We can use information to summarize the services we use as a community for our users and provide resources for our services. In addition, users of personal information will provide other activities that will allow Tan Bubble to send messages about them, among other things, new product features, enhancements, special offers, upgrade opportunities, races and their interests. Users can also send e-mails to us by uninstalling our services later, or simply exit these communications.
Permissions that may use sensitive information
We use this permission to save game information.
Share your personal information
We will not sell, trade or rent the user personally identifiable information to others. The only exception is that by law enforcement agencies or similar organizations in the case of criminal investigations, it may expose users or Tan Bubble legal personal information to prevent fraud or criminal activity, infringement of intellectual property or other illegal activities.
The service can provide some integration with shared services and other tools (such as the Google +1 button, Facebook Like button, etc.) that can be used to share information and user actions while allowing our services to interact. In addition, we can share the scores and achievements between players in our game, like Google Play game service or other integrated competitive services. The use of previous services and tools for each user is free to choose. It is not necessary to use our service. Each user agrees to use the social function to share information with other contacts or the general public, depending on the configuration options provided by the entity. For more information on the purpose and data collection and processing scope of social sharing features, please visit the privacy policy of the entities that provide these features.
Analysis, advertising and other services provided by other companies
We may allow other third party companies to serve ads in our services, providing users with experience analysis services or other services. These companies may use cookies, website beacons, user account information (user settings with these companies) and other technologies to collect our services to your personal information, other online services such as IP addresses, your mobile devices, convert information The identifier, the browser’s usage, and the page are already accessible. This information can be used to provide advertising and content based on the user & apos; s interest, better understanding of the use of services from users and the ability to analyze and track data. These third-party companies can also share information with their customers and customers. This Privacy Policy does not apply and we are not responsible for third party cookies, web beacons, or other tracking techniques.
Acceptance of terms
By using Tan Bubble games and applications, you agree to the terms of this policy. If you do not have this policy to accept the terms, please do not use our games and apps. The continued use of our products after any revision of this Privacy Policy will be treated as acceptance of your changes and / or new terms.
contact us
If you have any questions about this privacy policy, you can contact us in the following ways.